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This one is fairly self-explanatory. It was written as a result of thinking about what is the key to greatness, whether one is an artist, a poet, an athlete, a composer, or just an everyday person like most of us. What is it the separates us from being great?

That’s Life


What is it that inspires an artist to create a masterpiece?

…a composer to compose a symphony,

…a writer to write a great American novel,

…a scientist to make a great discovery,

…an inventor to create something never before thought of,

…an athlete to set a world record?




Life is a constant challenge for many of us.

We experience the highs and lows,

Good days and bad days.

Those who succeed,


Combining the highs and lows, good days and bad,

To become physically, mentally and emotionally stronger.

Within all of us are the exact same characteristics, the same potential,

As a Rembrandt, a Bach, Grisham, Einstein, Edison, or a Michael Phelps.


Each achieved greatness.

Not without trials and triumphs…




Again…it has been awhile since this was written, so I am not sure where I was at geographically or emotionally…LOL. Whatever darkness you may find yourself in or encounter,  always remember to breathe!



We can never truly know

What lies beneath the surface of the water

Until we make the commitment

And dive headlong into the unknown.

The same is true

With relationships,

Between any two people –

Man-woman, man-man, woman-woman.

Beneath the surface of the water,


We anticipate seeing and finding

An abundance of marine life –

Peace, tranquility.

In a relationship,

We anticipate finding

An abundance of love and caring,

Understanding, compassion,

Peace, tranquility.

In the water as in life,

There will be periods of darkness

Through which we must pass

So that we can truly appreciate

The periods of light.

In life, as in underwater,

Knowing when to take a breath

Is the most crucial aspect

Of survival to face another day!

We all put off things at one time or another. Some things are small; others are big – like major decisions! Sooner or later we have to move them off the shelf and put them into action. But, what if our time ran out before we could implement some of these things? Why not sit down tonight and write that letter???


What if tomorrow came a day early?
We could no longer put off those simple tasks –
Getting a haircut, washing the car,
Cleaning the garage, painting those windows.
Writing that email to a friend.

We could no longer put off putting our lives in order –
Telling someone how much they are loved –
Repairing friendships gone bad,
Mending all those fences –
Especially with our families,
Our children, our partners.

Today is that tomorrow
You never expected to come so soon.
You can no longer wait,
Seize the day as they say!
For too soon,
You may come to learn,
There are no more tomorrows
In your lifetime…
And then what?

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