Of course, this poem is inspired by the day to day observations here in the Yucatan This is definitely NOT Cancun in the state of Quintana Roo with its brilliant blue waters. Life is simpler here.

Coastal Town

The clouds grow darker and more billowy

With the approaching storm;

Warm southern winds send garbage flying;

Palm trees sway as the breeze increases.

Just another day in a coastal town,

In the northern Yucatan Peninsula.

To the north, the muddy waters of the Gulf –

Azure skies mark the horizon,

Fishing boats gird the beach,

Silent sentinels until the storm passes,

When once again they will set out

Anxious to fill their nets with fresh fish

And seafood.

Today’s catch will be tonight’s dinner –

At home and in the nearby restaurants

That line the beachfront – the Malecon.

Just maybe there will be enough to sell

To the “cooperativos”?

Providing more food on the family tables

Besides rice and beans;

Just another day in a coastal town!