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I believe I originally wrote this while visiting our friend, Al, in Orlando a few years back. I was sitting on his dock on the lake watching the water skiers being towed along. Now that it is ‘La Temporada’ here in Mexico, this is also a daily occurrence here at the beach….

To steal a phrase from my good friend, Bruce…please feel free to comment ‘gentle reader’….



The key to success in our lives,

Is to achieve a semblance

Of balance,

Much like the water skier,

Being towed behind a boat.

Brute strength is not enough,

As we are daily tossed

By the waves of our lives.

To be successful, the skier

Must take a strong stance,

Avoid all distractions,

And focus on the rope

That ties him to his immediate future –

His goal.

He cannot afford to even look back,

To risk becoming unbalanced,

Or let go the rope.

Should he do so,

Necessitates the strength and courage to get up and try again,

Standing on his own two feet,

In spite of the odds

Of failure.


This post is a day late!!!! We all have days where we end up waiting for someone, something, etc. With that comes some frustration, as we wait and wait and wait. It is not uncommon to wait only to eventually hear that that someone or something is not going to arrive as planned! Our whole day was wasted in waiting…



Patience is indeed a virtue,

Which therefore equates with


Our mothers waited patiently

For our birth,

And then our first words –

Our first steps.


Some mothers

Couldn’t wait until we went off to school.

And then, anxiously,

Awaited Little Johnny’s first report card.


Some of us

Couldn’t wait until recess,

After school,

Summer vacation, Christmas, etc.


Our driver’s license,

First date,

First kiss,

First job,

First paycheck.


We all wait patiently – most of the time,

Along with the rest of the world,

In the lines of life.

We wait for –

The tooth fairy, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny,

Grocery stores,

Sporting events,

Theaters and movies,


Fast food,

Border crossings,

Doctor’s offices,

The repairman.


Which, of course,

Is the reason,

The real reason

That we are all –


Most of the time!


This poem is for all of the romantics out there, who are still able to remember their first love, no matter at what age or how long it lasted. In some cases, it was in a place they least expected to find it! Some are very fortunate to be with that particular person after many years. For others, that first love will forever remain a part of who you are….



Life is a succession of journeys,

At various times, to various places,

Of various durations.

No journey can be as long,

As the one that takes us –

Far from those we love,

Far from the home we have always known.


In choosing to make that journey,

Into the unknown world of a new love,

We do so with open eyes, open hearts,

And open minds.

Arriving at that new place,

Doubts, fears and anxieties prevail,

Until one day,

That journey too must end.

At that time, in that place,

Even though the journey

May have been short in duration,

It is the journey of a lifetime,

For a lifetime…no longer a solo journey,

Having found that love,

Which, unknown to you at the start

Of the journey,

Had always been your destination.


There will always be more journeys,

But none as special,

As that first journey,

When you found true love and joy!

As I send this out, we have several new couples who are going to be making this area their part time home – one couple from Pensacola, FLA – one from Calgary – one from San Antonio- one from Ottawa area. Two months ago we started a Mens’ Club here which meets for breakfast once a month…no officers, no agenda, no purpose other than social. This year we also celebrated our first Canada Day with over 25 people here!

Last night we all went to a baseball game in nearby Merida, leaving the spouses behind. What a great time! What do all of us have in common? Read on…

Turning the Corner

Most people

Spend most of their lives

Going from point A to point B

And then back again to point A,

Never varying the route

Of their journey.

There are many of us

At some point in our lives

Who are, for whatever reason,

Willing to turn a corner,

And set off in an entirely different direction

To the unknown point C.

Often times this is work related –

A change in marital status,

A lifestyle change, wanderlust,

An acceptance of who we are,

Or what we have always been seeking.

For some,

The journey is not without trepidation,

Leaving behind the known world.

For others,

A new beginning, new adventures, new friends,

All – a result of taking a chance,

And turning a corner.

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