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This poem is dedicated to all of the travelers in the world, be they physical or mental travels…voyages or simply journeys!

On a special note, this will be the last posting here for some time, as I have chosen to suspend the weekly postings. There will still be occasional poems which I have not yet posted for special times of the year. I am working on a second book of poems in the meantime…

Thanks to all who have followed the Blog and for sharing your comments…hasta luego.



We are all but travelers,

On continuous journeys-

Destinations not always known.

Along the day

And along the way,

Other travelers –

Short conversations,

New friendships,

Some brief –

Others will last a lifetime.


Lead us to new opportunities,

New cultures,

Different languages,

Previously unknown sights,

Never dreamt of

In the present

Of our lives.


Depending on where you are sitting as you read this, you are not likely to be viewing a snow-capped mountain. Whether it be Mexico’s Pico de Orizaba shown above (the third highest mountain in NA) or somewhere in the Rocky Mountains of Canada or the US, once you have seen one of these natural beauties, you will never forget it. In reality. this poem was inspired on our trip to BC in 2008, even though we had seen Orizaba on two occasions.

Peaks and Valleys


What is it

About snowcapped mountains

That causes them

To inspire us?

That makes us ‘aspire’

To greater heights

In our daily lives?


In the waters at their feet –

Their majestic peaks.

And then we reflect

On our life’s peaks and valleys –

A lesson for humanity.

Our own peaks,

Though sometimes eroded by time.

And circumstance,

Remain visible in our minds,

Sometimes snow covered,

By the dark valleys

Of our existence,

Reminders – markers

For all eternity.

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