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Larry and I have been participating in regular meditation sessions every Monday night for some time now. After the loss of our friend, Randy, in Canada, this poem evolved from one of those sessions…. The references to ponds, frogs, etc. is a result of our last visit with Randy and Michael and a walk we actually took near their house. The other two men were my father and another friend Sam who was taken from us shortly after Randy died.

Into the Woods

Four men of various ages walked into the woods

On a brilliant sunny day –

Side by side,

They walked beneath the towering maple and poplar trees,

Passing the pond ringed with cattails –

Frogs croaking,

Herons standing ever vigil for an occasional fish

Calm waters on an otherwise normal day.

Reaching the opposite edge of the woods,

An incredible white light appeared filling the horizon

And, one by one, three of the men disappeared without a sound –

Only one remaining – wondering –


As he slowly retraced his steps alone.

Why had he been left behind (never a chance to say goodbye) –

How could he go on without them by his side?

Broken-hearted, he exited the woods,

Never looking back,

The memory of that wondrous day would sustain him

Through his grief.

His three friends had found eternal peace.

Having ventured into the woods on that fateful day.


He too would venture into that same woods,

And the four men would be re-united.


Hope you are still following this blog despite my absence for the past three weeks. We have been travelling in Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Taxco and Puerto Vallarta. While away I was able to write a couple more poems which will appear at a later date. The following poem reflects what many couples feel at some point in their relationship and I do not feel it is unique to us. I am sure many can identify with my thoughts…

Young mothers know only too well

The challenges of spending twenty-four hours a day,

Seven days a week, for extended periods,

With a newborn baby.

Yet, many bemoan the day that their child starts school.

How will he cope

Without mother’s constant presence?

Within time, they realize as the child grows older,

That they are needed less hours, less days,

And mothers occupy this new found “free time” in a variety of ways.

They have spare time to pursue other interests,

Inside and outside the home…

Late in life, past retirement,

Couples often find themselves together


Which can ultimately strain their relationship,

Even more so if one of them or a parent becomes ill.

This time can be one source of frustration –

For even as children and adolescents need space,

So do mature adults!

Either can feel the frustration

If that space cannot be found

Within the relationship –

It does not suggest that the relationship is not working,

Or that the love or commitment has lessened,

It is simply an aspect of human nature

Which everyone needs to accept,

Without question –

Lest the relationship does die…

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