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In response to your comments, I am reviving the poetry blog once again. It has been suggested that I might possibly post two poems each week with relevant comments as to what the underlying rationale was for each. Both are great suggestions! In order to keep them easily accessible, I will need to post separately. Each Wednesday from now on,  you will receive one or two notifications…

Today’s poem was one of the first poems which I wrote in 2011, after a long stretch of writer’s block. It was actually written in May, so you can see that almost a year had gone by since my last  entry. The poem pretty well sums up where I was at as this poem came to me… I suspect that several of you can identify with the premise…



On an ocean of my own creation;

Ever more treacherous waters surround me

On this journey, this day.

The overcast skies block out the sun,

Obliterating my sense of direction,

Seemingly lost at sea!

No imminent signs of life or land on the horizon…

I cannot know whether I am moving

Forward or backward in my life,

Only that I am being pushed along

Not just by the current winds and waves,

But by some unknown force or power,

Who knows where I should be headed…

My ultimate destination.

Before long night will fall

And I can only pray for a starlit night,

Enabling me to set my bearings,

And my moral compass,

To chart a safe course

For the rest of my days.

Copyright September 2012 Reg Deneau


I am aware that there have been no new postings since April. I have begun to write again, but have been holding off until I reach my self-imposed target of 100 new poems for a second volume, hopefully by the end of the year!

What do you think? Should I just continue to post new poems anyways each week OR hold off for the complete print/Kindle edition?
Drop a comment in the comment box please….

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