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Happy New Year!

With all of the hype about December 21, 2012, I was encouraged to write this poem this week. When I researched what the Maya had to say, it was certainly not Apocalyptic in the way much of the world are viewing the date (including Mel Gibson).

Prophecy Fulfilled

Depending on one’s point of view,

Life can be an ongoing journey,

Or, like Columbus, a voyage of discovery.

Which begs the question –

What is the difference?

Historically, journeys are over land;

Voyages are across a body of water – an ocean.

Journeys to the Promised Land.

Voyage of the Beagle and Charles Darwin por ejemplo.


The twenty-first century is still about journeys –

2012 is about personal journeys and transformations,

As prophesied by the Maya Civilization of Mexico.

Our personal journeys

Can transform, not only us,

But the entire world, if we believe.

If we open our minds and our hearts

To those we meet on our various journeys,

And focus on caring about each other,

Accepting our differences, whatever they may be,

Respecting each other’s points of view,

Our collective journeys will enhance,

Not only our individual journeys,

But the journeys of mankind for time immortal

Prophecy fulfilled!


Pre-Christmas musings to share with you all…my most recent effort…hope you find some meaning in it!

Sentimental Journey

The challenge of celebrating Christmas

Is more common than some would have us believe,

Made even more challenging –

Far from home, family and friends,

Whilst seeing Christmas lights and decorations

In every window, on every street, in every store.

Christmas music abounds on radio and television.

Palm trees sway outside my door; bougainvilleas bloom profusely,

Tropical birds sing; waves gently lash the ocean.

Nary a snowflake to be found on the sandy beaches,

No chestnuts roasting on an open fire!

Ah yes, Christmas in Paradise!

Can new friends ever replace the old…

Can new memories ever replace the old…

Can new traditions ever replace the old…

While our hearts and minds cherish the past?

“Let go the past” they say.”

“Honor the present.”

“Accept what is.”

Why do we find that so difficult?

Simply stated –

“Life truly is a sentimental journey!”

And Christmas brings it all rushing back to us….

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