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This poem was written while I was sitting on the beach one evening while Larry was away up north visiting friends. I looked out at the pier/muelle and saw the lighthouse. We are all aware of what purpose a lighthouse serves. In our lives there are individuals who are our lighthouses in our dark moments…

We take lighthouses for granted at times, but they are always there to guide us…and to steer is clear of harm!



For centuries,

Lighthouses have stood –

Beacons in the night,

And in the daylight,

For ships and sailors alike.



They weather storms and squalls,

And guide ships through those storms,

Never expecting anything in return.

Silent in the darkness,

Except for an occasional foghorn,

Sending out a warning,

When danger is imminent.


Some of us,

Have a personal lighthouse,

Which like those which dot the coastlines,

Are beacons in our lives,

Warn us of imminent dangers,

When we might otherwise,

Ignore the consequences,

Of going off course,


Distracted by our actions,

In the dark moments of our lives.


MY lighthouse stands proudly

Beside me.

He turns on his light for me,

Continuing to guide me

Through the channels

Of my life.



My lighthouse and I

Can weather any storms,

And will continue to do so,

Sailing on through the darkness,

Until daylight re-appears,

On the eastern horizon.


Just decided that a New Year really deserves a somewhat newer look. This photograph was taken in Windsor at our friends, Michael and Randy’s B and B, formerly known as Branteaney’s. FYI, this property is located in Ojibway Parkway adjacent to the site of the proposed international crossing/bridge. It is also where Larry and I were married in September 2008. One can only wonder down which  roads this beautiful cardinal will travel now that so many of the homes have been demolished to make room for this project?

Singular Road

What would the world be like

If we all walked down

A singular road,

Heading in one direction,

Much like the plough horses of yesterday-

Eyes shielded from all distractions

On either side of them?

Their whole lives

Were focused on the end of the row,

When once reached,

Required them to turn around

And go back from whence they came.

Hour by hour, day by day, week after week,

Until there were no more rows – no more roads

Down which to go.

The human race

Has both the instinct and ability

To travel many roads, many directions

During their time on earth.

Where they choose to go

Is their choice and theirs alone.

No driver urging them on with whips and reins.

Fields are endless and open wide.

In this, our lives,

There are never any dead end roads.

Spirit, God, Allah, Jaweh, Buddha –

Whatever name you choose to use,

Has created many roads

Down which we can travel,

As long as we have the courage,

And sometimes audacity,

To take that first step.

This was the first day of not working. Despite my attempts to find things to do, including reworking my third book, it went slowly. It also didn’t help I guess that I decided today was the day to start on a weight loss program again. I realized that I had not posted any new poetry since last year!

I glanced through what I had not yet posted and found this one from 2005! Maybe I should read it a few more times…..tick, tick, etc.




The stillness of mid-day

Is broken by the ever present ticking

Of the clock on the wall.

Time does not fly –

Each tick represents a lost moment,

A lost opportunity,

On our journey in this lifetime.


Once sounded,

It cannot be recaptured –

Much like our youth.

And yet there are those of us

Who would try,

Made anxious

By the wrinkles on our faces,

The graying of our hair,

The slowness of our steps.


The ticking is not to be ignored.

Without it, time would stand still,

The hands on the clock would not move.

Each tick, each hour, each day, each year

Is part of God’s plan,

We can choose to listen and wait

For the next tick, or –

We can seize the day

Disregarding those disquieting ticks,

And like time –

March on

Into the day…never looking back.

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