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This will be the last post for 2012! Affirming that 2013 is going to be better than we ever could imagine.

I am dedicating this poem to my ‘hijo’ who has had a most challenging year, beginning just before last Christmas. He’s not really my son, but I try to be the father he deserves, as he faces so many challenges ahead in 2013…. Like my true daughters in Canada, he makes me proud as he remains steadfast on his personal journey!  If this poem can be of support to someone special in your life, feel free to pass it along…. Feliz Año Nuevo 2013AGM!

Holding On


There is a time in our lives

When we either hold on

Or let go.

To hold on and fight the fight,

Can be agonizing for us,

And those around us.

Better to let go

And move on,

With head held high.

One cannot hold onto

What was never theirs to keep!

By letting go,

And releasing yourself from all attachments,

You are free to move on.

It is true,

Letting go can be painful,


But letting go

You must.

Spirit will keep us safe,

Faith will keep up our spirits.

Sometimes –

We try to hold on too long!


For those who have not always been following this blog, this is a re-post. I am hoping that this indeed, might be the last Afghan Christmas for our soldiers and their waiting and anxious families! Send out your affirmations….

Afghan Christmas



Stars shine brightly overhead

On an otherwise cold, clear Afghan night –

Christmas Eve.

Far from home am I,

Christmas only in my dreams

As the song says.

Could this be how the shepherds felt?

Alone –

With only their memories,

Of family and friends, a warm fire,

Far away on that night,

Now more than two thousand years ago,

When He was born,

Before there even was a Christmas.

Memories of my family, my friends,

A warm fire in the fireplace,

Christmas carolers singing “Silent Night”

Christmas trees aglow with lights,

Snowflakes falling outside my window –

Gifts to me, this night,

This cold, clear Afghan night.

Home for the holidays?

Only in my dreams…

For I am a soldier,

And my mission, much like His,

Is to bring peace on earth.

Goodwill to Men!

Larry and I have been attending Monday night meditation sessions with our friend, Barbara, and some other friends. I am not sure where I was at the time,  or even what I was thinking, but since the thoughts permeating this poem are meditative in origin, I felt it was appropriate. I dedicate this to Barbara and our Monday Night meditators…

Harbour of Dreams

Within the psyche of most human beings,

Between adolescence and senility,

Exists a harbour of dreams –

One place, real or imaginary,

To which one can travel

Telepathically, instantaneously,

In times of stress or dismay –

A safe place, far from the moment

In which we find ourselves.

In adolescence,

It may be a place to which we’ve never ever been –

“Over the rainbow” as the song says;

As we age, it may be a place to which we have travelled.

In many instances – a place we’ve never ever seen,

Except in a movie or on television or the Internet.

Nevertheless, a safe harbor –

No rocks upon which to flounder,

No storms on the imminent horizon,

No threatening ‘creatures’ real or imaginary, in sight!

Harbours of dreams

Have both beautiful sunrises and sunsets,

And, in-between –

Calm seas upon which we can navigate

The shoals of life.

I originally wrote this poem some time back, but with the dawn of a new era for the Maya and for many other cultures around the world as we approach the end of December, I feel this  poem has merit and offers a promise for a new beginning for the World! I think it is a great follow-up to last week’s poem Conflict and Control…

Dawn of a New Age


Many people in this world

See the dawn emerge

Much like a newborn child,

Bursting out of the darkness

Into the light of another day,

Full of innocence, promise, hope,

Surrounded by more than enough

Of His love

For any one person.


Others see Dawn

Never emerging into the light.

The darkness of the night follows them

Throughout the new day –

No hope, no promise, innocence forever lost

In times and years gone by.


What we can choose

Is to experience the Dawn

As the former –

Emerging into our own light,

Creating our own promise

Returning to that time

When we saw all around us

As wondrous, exciting, fulfilling.

A new Dawn,

Of our own making,

Surrounded by limitless love.




I am sure we have all been here at sometime in our lives….

Conflict and Control

Not by coincidence, the history of mankind parallels

The existence of conflict in society;

Initially – person to person as in Cain and Abel,

Subsequently – group to group, religion versus religion,

Country versus country – global conflicts – WARS!

The essence of conflict is in control –

Who has it? Who wants it? Who is willing to take it?

Who is willing to give it up?

From the moment of conception,

Control exists in our individual genes,

With much of our early lives

Under the control of our parents, siblings and family.

In adolescence, we strive for a semblance of being in control

(Not to be confused with having self-control).

WE want to choose our friends, where we want to go,

What we want to do, what we want to wear, what music we listen to –

At which point some of us get out of control

Wrong friends, wrong places, wrong choices, substance abuse –

Falling once again under control…now non-familial.

In most instances, we realize the necessity

Of getting back in control, using self-control,

Not having learned the lessons of our adolescence,

Finding ourselves beyond control,

Ultimately requiring professional help –


Issues of control in our lives

Lead us on a long and winding road,

Personally, emotionally, spiritually and societally.

No one person, group or country on earth

Wants to be under the continuous control of another – twenty-four/seven as they say.

Total control restricts our growth, our movement, our speech…our choice to choose,

Ultimately leading us back on the road

To conflict…

Until we are able to regain some semblance of personal control in our own lives.

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