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This will be my last post for 2010. As such I ask that you read and reflect on what 2010 has meant to each of you. Happy New Year!!!

Great Expectations

The end of a year

Is a time to reflect

On all that has passed

In the previous twelve months.


Where have we been?

Whom have we met?

What have we done?

…those memorable people and places

That made a difference in our journey.


As we move ever forward,

We honor the previous year

Which has brought us to this point

In our lives.

For without those people, places and events,

We would not be where we are today.


There are, indeed,

Great expectations always

For a New Year.

We affirm,

For those we hold dear, if not near,

That this shall truly be

A most happy, prosperous and blessed

New Year!


This particular poem was written on the shores of Georgian Bay near Tobermory, Ontario. We were visiting our friends Marcel and Ethel, whom we had originally met in Progreso, Mexico. The setting was truly idyllic. The waters were cold, even in mid-summer. It is a place where peace resides…and you can gain a good sense of perspective on life. Although winter is soon officially upon us, my hope is that this poem will enable you to find your space of peace and tranquility in this busy season…


To give you a sense of what we saw, I am embedding a photo taken at sunset…(not mine BTW)


God’s Backyard

As the sun begins to set,

The cold, clear blue water shimmers hypnotically.

Around me, towering pines and poplars

Leaves twisting in the soft, quiet breeze of dusk.

Below me, the rocky, pot-marked outcroppings

Dotted here and there with wildflowers –

Yellow, blue and red,

Nature’s sentinels,

Holding their ground

On an otherwise bleak landscape,

Softening the scenery

In God’s backyard – under God’s sky.

We are all planted on this earth,

Like the wildflowers,

To soften the scenery.

We are born, grow and flourish

Wherever we are planted –

Some require more nurturing than others.

Some survive with little or no TLC,

Some will die, seemingly unappreciated,

But not before they have left behind

New seeds,

Carried by the winds to far and unknown places,

To brighten another landscape

Gracing God’s backyard

By their mere presence

However brief their time on this earth.

This is the story of five men, four had been married and had children. In the beginning, there was Larry and his former partner, Bob. Bob met Reg and started him on his spiritual path. On the path was also Joe, a divorced guy. Then Reg met Russ and their friendship evolved. Then Larry met Reg at a party for Bob; then Bob met his future partner, who had never been married….this is about our journeys…and the lasting friendship we have nurtured…

Five Men

Five men met on a journey,

Each looking

Beyond the present

To what might be.

Paths crossed at different times,

In different places.

Each had closed a door behind them,

Opening a new door, and their hearts,

To another.

Lives in turmoil,

A third man, a fourth, and then, a fifth,

Swept into the spiral,

Into a web of friendship,

And spirituality,

Which would forever bind them,

Beyond geographic borders.

Their respective journeys continue,

Friendship endures, unabated by distance.

We can all be truly thankful,

For each other.

This poem was written as a tribute to my ex-wife. When we were flying back to Canada the first time and I realized I would be returning to Mexico with Larry, I was given this poem by my Spirit to express what I was feeling and what I felt she might be feeling after 38 years of marriage had ended so abruptly.

I am proud to say that we remain friends and can now spend time with her and our family and her new significant other without animosity. Indeed she has been able to rebuild her life, and makes me proud of her even more!!!



Each day of our lives

Begins with expectations,

Not written in stone,

But, nevertheless,

Emotional and sometimes physical



Not as imminent,

Are the expectations

Of our whole life,

Cradle to grave,

School, career, family,



Realities create adjustments,

Minor and major,

Impacting us and those we love –

Shattering like crystal,

Our expectations and theirs.


In the moment – anguish –

What have we done?

We attempt to pick up the pieces of our lives,

Only to realize – What’s done is done –

They were dreams – illusions,

Reality returns – time to move on,

Those pieces become cornerstones,

A foundation for the rest of our life,

Upon which we can build, if we so choose,

Our hopes, our future – new dreams,

Not without regrets,

But with new expectations,

For a new tomorrow.


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