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Earlier this week I was reading my friend, Joanna’s blog about Frida Kahlo being an inspiration to many people. Twice this year we have visited Frida’s home in Coyocan (part of Mexico City). During the first visit, two of the group stayed behind at Casa Azul while the others walked to the central square. Karen was inspired to do some sketches in the courtyard, while I set about soaking up the atmosphere and writing the following Frida and Diego inspired poems – Homage and The Blue Princess. I hope you enjoy reading them…

For those not aware of Casa Azul, I am starting with this photo –

Casa Azul - Frida Kahlo's home

Casa Azul – Frida Kahlo’s home

Courtyard at Casa Azul

Courtyard at Casa Azul

And now, the poems….of which I think both Diego and Frida would approve…

The Blue Princess and the Toad

Once upon a time there was a blue princess

Who lived in a blue castle,

Her body encased in a steel cage,

Perpetually seated in a wheeled chair,

In front of an easel

Surrounded by various paints and brushes,

With which she recorded a visual journal

Of her life.

One day she encountered a very robust toad,

Who, like her, enjoyed painting,

But in a very robust, large scale style.

His canvases were ‘murales

Where he hopped from scaffold to scaffold,

Painting caricatures of the struggles of man

In a quickly changing world.

Neither was renown in the kingdom,

Neither the princess nor the toad –

Their lives were filled with challenges,


What could they possibly have in common?

He was certainly not princely material;

This was not a fairy tale existence.

Perseverance was the ‘key’ – not a kiss!

Yet, in spite of all odds,

He became her Prince Charming!

To hell with the rest of the world…

And the second poem…

Homage to Frida and Diego

In the gardens of Casa Azul,

Frida and Diego watch

As the world comes to pay homage

To two seemingly troubled souls –

Years apart chronologically,

United by their creativity –

Their fiery personalities,

Often disquieting love,

Mutual admiration and respect,

Often challenged physically and emotionally-

Misunderstood in their time.

In the gardens of Frida and Diego

One finds peace and tranquility

Often times illusive for them –

Lush tropical gardens,

Colorful foliage, prickly cacti,

Quiet fountains, majestic palms,

All of which must have given them

Moments of great peace and joy,

Amidst the sorrows

Reflected in her paintings,

Her tragic life.

Here, respite from the harsh realities

Of a world which didn’t quite understand

The depths of their love.

For more about Frida, check out this YouTube video link –


In reality, I have no friends anymore who do not know that I am gay and married to another man. Unfortunately, there are many people out there who do not accept that to be gay is NOT a lifestyle nor a choice. Many men and women live in fear of being “outted”. This piece was inspired by recent news regarding the treatment of those of us who ARE gay…..

No Man’s Land

Those who have survived real wars,

Know only to well the significance of “No Man’s Land”.

That space between the barbed wire that separates friend from foe.

Those who have never seen battle,

Know only of what we have seen or heard

In movies, books and through television.

More recently “YouTube”.

There is another type of no man’s land –

Known to those men who remain closeted,

As a result of being born gay.

They often live their early lives

With one foot on each side of the fence,

Battling feelings and emotions,

Shielding themselves and their families,

From those in society who believe that to be gay

Is a sin! An abomination!

No one chooses to be gay (or lesbian),

Anymore than one chooses to have red hair,

Or blue eyes or a swarthy complexion.

Depending on where you live in our world,

Having red hair or blue eyes or being gay

Can make you a vulnerable target of certain elements,

Vulnerable to unwanted physical or verbal attacks,

Vulnerable to shunning by your own culture,

Your family, your friends, your colleagues at work or school.

Real men have careers, family and friends,

And make substantial contributions to society,

As do gay men!

Now is the time to tear down the barbed wire

Which continues to divide men

Of all sexual persuasions, religions and cultures,

Eliminating “No Man’s Land” once and for all!

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