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My mental train has left the station on this one! I can’t remember what precipitated it…

Hearts Full

When the last train leaves the station,

We are left with an emptiness,

A hole in our heart –

Spirit’s plan for those left behind…

A place for us to store up

All the tender memories of times past,

Sunrises and sunsets,

Good times and bad times together (In sickness and in health),

That we spent with those on board

Our journey – our train!


I like to believe that their journey,

Like ours, continues down the tracks,

Seeing new places, making new friends,

Forging new relationships,

Sharing days, hours, weeks, and years –

Seasons of joy and happiness,

Until it is OUR time to board that same train,

Joining them at last on the journey of a lifetime –

Hearts full!



This particular piece was written to commemorate the birth of a child in our family. I flashed back to the birth of my first daughter and then the second, and then the births of my five grandchildren. No one prepares us to be parents! We learn on our feet through trial and error. Sometimes we have to change the way we perceive things….. accepting a new reality. In fact that new reality has always been there, waiting to be discovered.

Unchanged Reality

The longer we live our human lives,

The more we come to realize

Nothing is ever constant

Or consistent.

Change is our reality!

Just as certain as times and seasons change,

So also do people, places and things.

Experience is the key to change.

The more we experience in life,

The more likely we are to change

Or be changed by those experiences – good and bad.

Newborn babies impact a relationship

More than could ever be imagined.

In the nine months leading up to birth,

Lives are forever changed

Beyond imagination…new realities?

Career changes, relocations,

New relationships, broken relationships,

Constancy and consistency

Are fleeting.

Our ‘raison d’etre’ fades

With each sunset.

What then are we to do?

In a single word, ‘change’ –

Failure to change or accept change

Can have disastrous consequences.

Those who change willingly

Are those who come to realize,

Failure to change may well be

Their ‘cause of premature death’

In an unchanged reality.

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