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I am starting to realize that as we grow older we do look back, in spite of the fact that I am well aware of what happened to Lot’s wife in the Bible when she looked back at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah…she turned to stone! Yikes! Nevertheless I know I am not the only one at my age who does this…is it useful? We are supposed to always live in the present aren’t we?

Yucatan Nights


Memories of my childhood on the farm

Come rushing back again,

As darkness descends on rural Yucatan.

Overhead brilliant stars and moonlit skies,

While darkness surrounds me –

As I wander the stone pathways of the posada.


Dogs bark, roosters crow, crickets chirp,

Unseen cars speed by on nearby highways.

Distant laughter and music can be heard from the village,

As I walk alone this night –

As I have felt on hundreds of similar nights.


Decades have passed,

As have thousands of moonlit nights,

And yet, while no longer physically alone,

There still are times no matter where I might be –

When come rushing back,

Memories of times like these –



One of those things which is often heard, is that one needs one’s space! I believe that is a universal feeling. There are times, for whatever reasons, that in our day to day lives this is a necessity and not just a need. Some may use meditation for this purpose. Others…they go shopping…LOL. My daughter calls it “Me Time”. This poem was written on one of those days….

Two Solitudes

There are times in our lives

When we live in two solitudes;

One is the solitude of our

External environment –

The other is our inner self, our ego,

Which is the more complicated.

We can turn off, tune out

Those things we choose not

To see or hear  in our surroundings.

The inner solitude can at times,

Overpower us –

Creating havoc, unseen,

Except for those closest to us.

Some see it as ‘that time of the month’,

Others chalk it up to moodiness.

Nevertheless, we are alone with these

Thoughts and feelings,

And only we can process them,

As we must,

If we are to move forward

And leave the solitude behind!

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