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Now that we are back at home, the blog will continue! The following semi-autobiographical poem was inspired by the end of the last calendar year. New Years is always a time for reflection and this poem is no exception.

Just as Always

The end of the world came and went

Just as always,

Time after time in the history of mankind,

Just as it has done

In the time of one man

Oh, so many times!

It ended the first time when he was 12 –

His parents separated; his father moved away

Only to be seen a few times,

Before his untimely death at age 41!

The second ending was when  he was 17 –

Before entering grade 12; he moved away –

Far from the only friends he had ever known.

A ‘new’ world began when he entered college –

Reuniting with his only girlfriend

Romance rekindled – marriage was

Inevitable – 1966.

The third ending occurred in 1973

When his great grandfather –

His only constant male figure and role model,

Died at the age of 93.

Upon retirement, he entered another ‘new’ world

Commercial sales for a “big box” company.

It was during this time that

He came to realize his world was coming undone;

His marriage ending;

His true identity unfolded;

He stepped out of the closet,

Leaving the world of family and friends,

Leaving his homeland after 58 years,

Starting a new in a foreign country –

That year was 2004!

Eight years later  – 2012

The Maya prophecized the end of the world.

Which came and went .

Just as always,

He survived,

Fearlessly moving forward,

Just as always

Until the next world ending event.


I originally wrote this poem some time back, but with the dawn of a new era for the Maya and for many other cultures around the world as we approach the end of December, I feel this  poem has merit and offers a promise for a new beginning for the World! I think it is a great follow-up to last week’s poem Conflict and Control…

Dawn of a New Age


Many people in this world

See the dawn emerge

Much like a newborn child,

Bursting out of the darkness

Into the light of another day,

Full of innocence, promise, hope,

Surrounded by more than enough

Of His love

For any one person.


Others see Dawn

Never emerging into the light.

The darkness of the night follows them

Throughout the new day –

No hope, no promise, innocence forever lost

In times and years gone by.


What we can choose

Is to experience the Dawn

As the former –

Emerging into our own light,

Creating our own promise

Returning to that time

When we saw all around us

As wondrous, exciting, fulfilling.

A new Dawn,

Of our own making,

Surrounded by limitless love.




Happy New Year!

With all of the hype about December 21, 2012, I was encouraged to write this poem this week. When I researched what the Maya had to say, it was certainly not Apocalyptic in the way much of the world are viewing the date (including Mel Gibson).

Prophecy Fulfilled

Depending on one’s point of view,

Life can be an ongoing journey,

Or, like Columbus, a voyage of discovery.

Which begs the question –

What is the difference?

Historically, journeys are over land;

Voyages are across a body of water – an ocean.

Journeys to the Promised Land.

Voyage of the Beagle and Charles Darwin por ejemplo.


The twenty-first century is still about journeys –

2012 is about personal journeys and transformations,

As prophesied by the Maya Civilization of Mexico.

Our personal journeys

Can transform, not only us,

But the entire world, if we believe.

If we open our minds and our hearts

To those we meet on our various journeys,

And focus on caring about each other,

Accepting our differences, whatever they may be,

Respecting each other’s points of view,

Our collective journeys will enhance,

Not only our individual journeys,

But the journeys of mankind for time immortal

Prophecy fulfilled!

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