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We have been attending weekly meditation sessions with a few friends. During one of the earlier sessions, our facilitator guided us to the place described in the story – a lively steam, grasslands up to our knees and a wonderful forest of tall trees. I was frustrated by the fact that I never left the rock. Mulling over the session later, I was given this explanation by my Spirit… –

Just One of the Boys

With pant legs rolled up,

The boys waded into the cool, clear stream.

Summer had begun;

The adventures would start anew,

As they had year after year

Since before they had become teenagers.


One by one they left the stream,

Walking ashore into the inviting woodlands,

Tall grasses rising up to their knees.

Lingering, he climbed upon a large rock

In the middle of the stream,

As he watched the others slowly disappear from his view.


Feeling  somewhat contented, he wondered about his future –

What would be his true path?

Tears began flowing down his cheeks

Into the cool, shimmering stream,

Reflecting his adolescent face.


He tightly closed his eyes-

Visions of layers of himself peeling away,

As the tears fell.

To which of his friends could he reveal

His secret – sacrificing their friendships?

For even at his young and tender age he knew –

Once the secret was out in the open,

There would be no more adventures –

Just loneliness, more hidden secrets

More layers waiting to be peeled away.


Looking up

His friends came around the corner of the woods,

Questioning his decision to remain behind,

Sitting on the rock in the middle of the stream.

This summer – perhaps his last with them,

He would continue to be –

Just one of the boys.


My mental train has left the station on this one! I can’t remember what precipitated it…

Hearts Full

When the last train leaves the station,

We are left with an emptiness,

A hole in our heart –

Spirit’s plan for those left behind…

A place for us to store up

All the tender memories of times past,

Sunrises and sunsets,

Good times and bad times together (In sickness and in health),

That we spent with those on board

Our journey – our train!


I like to believe that their journey,

Like ours, continues down the tracks,

Seeing new places, making new friends,

Forging new relationships,

Sharing days, hours, weeks, and years –

Seasons of joy and happiness,

Until it is OUR time to board that same train,

Joining them at last on the journey of a lifetime –

Hearts full!


This will be the last post for 2012! Affirming that 2013 is going to be better than we ever could imagine.

I am dedicating this poem to my ‘hijo’ who has had a most challenging year, beginning just before last Christmas. He’s not really my son, but I try to be the father he deserves, as he faces so many challenges ahead in 2013…. Like my true daughters in Canada, he makes me proud as he remains steadfast on his personal journey!  If this poem can be of support to someone special in your life, feel free to pass it along…. Feliz Año Nuevo 2013AGM!

Holding On


There is a time in our lives

When we either hold on

Or let go.

To hold on and fight the fight,

Can be agonizing for us,

And those around us.

Better to let go

And move on,

With head held high.

One cannot hold onto

What was never theirs to keep!

By letting go,

And releasing yourself from all attachments,

You are free to move on.

It is true,

Letting go can be painful,


But letting go

You must.

Spirit will keep us safe,

Faith will keep up our spirits.

Sometimes –

We try to hold on too long!

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