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According to my numbers, this poem is number 101 of what I have posted. (Some poems are only in the print volume). It seems very hard to believe that a Political Science major would now be a published poet, a blogger, and that I even have my own website now, thanks to my friend and pseudo-son, Alfonso.  I am always grateful for all of the comments I receive, and am inspired when you are touched by something I have written. As I tell most people, I do not create these poems; they are given to me by my Spirit to transcribe on its’ behalf. I am extremely fortunate in that I have a spouse who supports and encourages me in all of my endeavours even though he sometimes feels I spend way too much time at the computer…LOL. This poem’s inspiration was, of course, the recent time change, but I hope you might explore its’ deeper meaning in your own life! Thanks for hanging in there followers….

Spring Forward, Fall Back


Over the course of a year,

We chronologically

Spring forward and fall back –

So it is too with our lives, albeit emotionally.


In the springtime life is wondrous –

Grey winter skies brighten and everything comes alive.

Flowers in a rainbow of colors abound.

Trees develop their leaves in abundance.

Multicolor birds fly overhead or nestle in the trees,

The depth and depression of Winter fades.


Too soon

Spring becomes summer,

And we see things ever more vividly,

Enveloped by the warmth of the sun’s rays.

We flock to beaches and pools,

Immersing ourselves in the warm waters,

Intuitively, like returning to the warmth

Of our mother’s womb.


Too soon

Fall arrives –

Flowers fade, leaves fall to the ground, and birds migrate south.

Skies darken once again, as do our hearts,

Fearing that time when emotional Winter sets in again,

That cold, dreary season

Which sends us scrambling indoors –


Into the darkness of our being

Once again – clocks ticking away time.


This must have been “one of those days” when everything seemed to be going wrong…a perfect day to stay in bed with my security blanket. As often happens, the mood passes and I am once again able to “Knit One Purl Two”…LOL.


If one were to believe the words of Shakespeare,

Sleep knits the raveled sleeve of care.

As happens more than not however,

Sleep provides a temporary solace

From those cares.

The more complex cares

Often return upon waking,

Or filter into our dreams,

Ever present in the reality of the following day,

Or weeks or  months or years.

Some would assert that sleep

Is a return to the darkness from which we were born,

A necessity for wakening to the light of a new day,

As happens more often that not, however;

Some will find the need to go deeper into the darkness

From which they will never see the light –

Unraveling into depression.

The next poem came to me while watching so many people in the park glued to their cellphones, Ipods and Ipads, etc. and I recalled the old advertisement about “reaching out and touching someone”….

Social Communication


Whereas social communication used to require

Face to face encounters,

The rise and growth of the Internet –

Facebook, Google Chat, Blogger, etc.

Made way for worldwide social communication –

Face to face is still possible via SKYPE,

But we no longer need to be in the same room,

Or even the same country!

Social interaction suffers to some degree

When a computer becomes the exclusive interface

With the outer world – reality.

As society rears a generation of computer nerds

Who confine themselves to their rooms

Or tether themselves to I-pads or I-phones

Never actually feeling human touch.

Parents in the fifties were concerned –

Children were glued to television sets –

Sesame Street was an onscreen babysitter.

Parents in the new Millennium

Experience similar concerns about their children’s’ use

Of computers, cell phones, I-pads and I-phones.

There are APPS for thousands of uses –

What is sorely missing is a hands-on APP

For reaching out and touching.

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