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We have been attending weekly meditation sessions with a few friends. During one of the earlier sessions, our facilitator guided us to the place described in the story – a lively steam, grasslands up to our knees and a wonderful forest of tall trees. I was frustrated by the fact that I never left the rock. Mulling over the session later, I was given this explanation by my Spirit… –

Just One of the Boys

With pant legs rolled up,

The boys waded into the cool, clear stream.

Summer had begun;

The adventures would start anew,

As they had year after year

Since before they had become teenagers.


One by one they left the stream,

Walking ashore into the inviting woodlands,

Tall grasses rising up to their knees.

Lingering, he climbed upon a large rock

In the middle of the stream,

As he watched the others slowly disappear from his view.


Feeling  somewhat contented, he wondered about his future –

What would be his true path?

Tears began flowing down his cheeks

Into the cool, shimmering stream,

Reflecting his adolescent face.


He tightly closed his eyes-

Visions of layers of himself peeling away,

As the tears fell.

To which of his friends could he reveal

His secret – sacrificing their friendships?

For even at his young and tender age he knew –

Once the secret was out in the open,

There would be no more adventures –

Just loneliness, more hidden secrets

More layers waiting to be peeled away.


Looking up

His friends came around the corner of the woods,

Questioning his decision to remain behind,

Sitting on the rock in the middle of the stream.

This summer – perhaps his last with them,

He would continue to be –

Just one of the boys.


By now most of you are well aware of the tone of my poetry. I fully believe that what I write is a transcription from the Universe who is directing me to write what I cannot verbalize. This was one of those poems on one of those days…and I am certain that many of you can relate….



Where would we be

Without the daily challenges of life?

From the probabilities of conception,

To surviving childbirth? Childhood?

Learning to crawl, and then stand,

Taking those first timid steps to walk,

Learning to tie one’s own shoes or ride a bicycle

The first day of grade school, high school, college?

Challenges make us inevitably stronger –

At work, at play, in relationships,

But if we fail to triumph over the challenges,

We may be forever scarred

By our failures, or the failures of those who were our role models.

Our egos, our psyches –

But fragile vessels,

Susceptible to being destroyed

By one word, a gesture, one person, one incident.

Interesting that society has labels –

Physically challenged, mentally challenged;

Never a word about ‘emotionally challenged’!

Perhaps it is viewed as a temporal condition,

To those who will never understand…..

We have lost a couple of fairly close friends this year which got me to pondering.  These poems were sent to me to transcribe and share with all of you…

 Bawaajige nagwaagan

Whatever becomes of childhood dreams?

Do they continue to live in our subconscious,

Waiting to be realized

At a future point in time

When they are achievable?

Do some dreams die?

Or is it our reality

Which causes us to realize

That they were never attainable –

Beyond our grasp –

Out of reach,


Our minds are ‘dream catchers’ –

Bawaajige nagwaagan in Ojibwe,

Storehouses of dreams,

Waiting to be fulfilled

At the right age,

The right time…the right moment,

And, hopefully,

Before we are too old

To act upon them,

And bathe in their achievement.

Dreams Unfulfilled

Difficult as it is to imagine,

Every living person in this world

Must once have had some dreams

Of their future –

No matter what their station in life,

Despite the conditions of their environment –

Rich or poor – we all have dreams.

For some, their dreams become goals –

Fame, fortune, family.

For others – to make a difference –

Leaving their mark for future generations,

Who will undoubtedly have their own dreams.

As for the ‘aging’ population –

‘Baby boomers’ –

Dreams sometimes fade away;

What once we thought were possibilities,

Never materialized and/or

Were not what we envisioned,

Or were beyond our grasp.

Sadly there are many in the world,

Whose journeys ended prematurely,

Extinguishing their dreams –

In this lifetime,

Dreams unfulfilled.

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