People often ask where I get inspirations for my poetry. If you follow me regularly, you know that I subscribe to the theory that I only write what is given to my by the Universe. Sitting here in the north on an exceptionally rainy day, thinking back over the years to the many friends we have met along the way, inspired the Universe to give me this work –

Waxing and Waning

Before the dawn of mankind,

The moon waxed and waned

Causing it to grow bigger and brighter,

Until it reached its ‘full’ potential,

At which point it started to wane again.

In each of our lives,

The same may be said of our friendships.

In our youth, friendships wax,

Growing stronger with each passing day,

Each passing month, Each passing year.

Lifelong friendships are not uncommon.

Sometimes and for a variety of reasons,

Friendships do wane – slowly fading,

Interests, time and distance change,

The friendships grow dimmer.

Some are lost forever.

True friendships wax and wane,

Not unlike the cycles of the moon.

They remain constant –

Despite the upheavals of our lives or the world

In which we may find ourselves,

On any passing day,

Any passing month or any passing year.

Some may be eclipsed,

But, if meant to be, they will reappear just as sure as the nightly moon.