I originally wrote this poem some time back, but with the dawn of a new era for the Maya and for many other cultures around the world as we approach the end of December, I feel this  poem has merit and offers a promise for a new beginning for the World! I think it is a great follow-up to last week’s poem Conflict and Control…

Dawn of a New Age


Many people in this world

See the dawn emerge

Much like a newborn child,

Bursting out of the darkness

Into the light of another day,

Full of innocence, promise, hope,

Surrounded by more than enough

Of His love

For any one person.


Others see Dawn

Never emerging into the light.

The darkness of the night follows them

Throughout the new day –

No hope, no promise, innocence forever lost

In times and years gone by.


What we can choose

Is to experience the Dawn

As the former –

Emerging into our own light,

Creating our own promise

Returning to that time

When we saw all around us

As wondrous, exciting, fulfilling.

A new Dawn,

Of our own making,

Surrounded by limitless love.