I am sure we have all been here at sometime in our lives….

Conflict and Control

Not by coincidence, the history of mankind parallels

The existence of conflict in society;

Initially – person to person as in Cain and Abel,

Subsequently – group to group, religion versus religion,

Country versus country – global conflicts – WARS!

The essence of conflict is in control –

Who has it? Who wants it? Who is willing to take it?

Who is willing to give it up?

From the moment of conception,

Control exists in our individual genes,

With much of our early lives

Under the control of our parents, siblings and family.

In adolescence, we strive for a semblance of being in control

(Not to be confused with having self-control).

WE want to choose our friends, where we want to go,

What we want to do, what we want to wear, what music we listen to –

At which point some of us get out of control

Wrong friends, wrong places, wrong choices, substance abuse –

Falling once again under control…now non-familial.

In most instances, we realize the necessity

Of getting back in control, using self-control,

Not having learned the lessons of our adolescence,

Finding ourselves beyond control,

Ultimately requiring professional help –


Issues of control in our lives

Lead us on a long and winding road,

Personally, emotionally, spiritually and societally.

No one person, group or country on earth

Wants to be under the continuous control of another – twenty-four/seven as they say.

Total control restricts our growth, our movement, our speech…our choice to choose,

Ultimately leading us back on the road

To conflict…

Until we are able to regain some semblance of personal control in our own lives.